Transition Toolkit

We are using the evidence from Phase 1 and 2 to work with our Advisory Group, partners and wider networks to inform the development of our “transition toolkit”. This toolkit will be aimed at academic staff / universities, NQNs and employers and will direct them to appropriate resources and information to support successful transition. This is still in development but currently has resources across 5 key areas:
Section 1: General resources  relevant across the whole transition journey
Section 2: First job planning (Registration (R) -12 to R-9)
Section 3: Preparing for the transition (R-6 to R-0)
Section 4: Induction and orientation Period (R0 to R+2)
Section 5: Post Induction and Preceptorship Period (R+2 to R+12)

STaR Transition.jpg

Some of these resources have been developed by the project team, others are available via organisations external to the team. We shall be provided further detail in 2020 – watch this space!